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In the aftermath, he finds himself surrounded by his family. Apollo/Percy slash Sequel to "Had It Not Been For You" and the second installment in it's collection. Harry came back from death with the ability to look into the future. Harry never imagined that he'd find himself cooperating with Voldemort, but that was before the two of them were locked in a room without their magic and ordered to have sex by a very angry mirror. Takes place early in Deathly Hallows.)Sometimes Draco wonders whether it's a good thing he encouraged Harry's Slytherin side.

This is a collection of short oneshots featuring various members of the Iron Family coping after Endgame (only fluff and feel-good! Mortal AU - Percy gets into a car accident, nothing dramatic but enough to piss him off because he loves his car. To Read the first story "Had It Not Been For You", please go onto my profile or use the search bar. Alpha/Omega/ Beta Universe What if Harry had left the Dursleys to live on his own when he was 9 yrs old and wouldn't let Dumbledore control or manipulate him. And he can see the general decay and decline of the wizarding world, exposure and war with the Muggles, and the extinction of magic in a few decades. Draco's pov; Darkish Harry; implied mature content; reference to violence; Harry's birthday fic; more warnings inside What if Romans and Greeks had known about each other all along and cooperated during both wars, ending them ore effectively and faster, but never forming the same kind of friendships they had?

When personalities clash and tempers run high, lives are left in ruins as CEO Potter takes on CEO Stark. James' pov; AU; slash; more warnings inside To cheer up their son, Minato and Kushina organise a party for him.And he is not being swayed by the pretty pop-star who scratched his car. Now, after the wars, they're trying to mend bridges.

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