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23-Nov-2020 10:36

The result was the album Because They Can, which ended up being released in 1995, five years after their first album.

Kalodner left Geffen a week before the release of the album, and the label decided to give the album limited promotion.

It's got to be acoustic and organic, and that's it'." Gunnar has said that they left "frustrated and helpless", but decided to return to the studio.

They began working on a more acoustic-oriented album, which was, according to Gunnar, "180 degrees in the opposite direction of Imaginator".

He told him that they should break the band as it was and start sharing the front stage together.

Gunnar promised to learn to play guitar and did so in a year.

Matthew and Gunnar also perform under the name of Ricky Nelson Remembered, as a tribute to their father.

They were introduced to guitarist Brett Garsed by their manager in Australia.

Finally, they contacted Paul Mirkovich, who had worked with them during the demo sessions for the album.

After that band broke up, Nelson asked him to join their band.

Joey Cathcart had played guitar with the brothers in high school so they decided to approach him.

During this time, Nelson was also approached to contribute a song to the film Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.