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Portability toward other operating systems, such as BSD-derived ones including mac OS, is under active development by the Gentoo/Alt project.The Gentoo/Free BSD project already has a working guide based on Free SBIE, It is also possible to install a Gentoo Prefix (provided by a project that maintains alternative installation methods for Gentoo) in a Cygwin environment on Windows, but this configuration is somewhat experimental. The most common way is to use the Gentoo minimal CD with a stage3 tarball (explained below).Support for installation is provided on the Gentoo forum and on IRC.A Live USB of Gentoo Linux can be created manually or by using UNetbootin.People who are prepared to invest the time required to configure and tune a Gentoo system can build very efficient desktops and servers.Gentoo encourages users to build a Linux kernel tailored to their particular hardware.Portage is Gentoo's software distribution and package management system.The original design was based on the ports system used by the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) based operating systems.

Gentoo package management is designed to be modular, portable, easy to maintain, and flexible.

Precompiled binaries are available for some larger packages or those with no available source code.