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13-Feb-2020 11:20

“Though you don’t want to think of yourself as the jealous type, you fear your role of importance in their life will be replaced.” It’s one thing to be interested in who your best friend is seeing, but it’s another issue when you find yourself feeling resentful.This might be a warning that you wish your best friend would think of you in a romantic way.You just can’t connect with anyone you’re going out with, and you’d much rather hang with your bestie instead.“When you start to compare your exes and new potentials, all you seem to highlight are negative things,” Silva notes.If you’re worried about the direction things might be going, keep a close eye out for these factors.Do you find yourself wanting to text them about every single detail in your life?If you don’t think your friend feels the same about you, you may have to distance yourself from them for a while until your feelings fade.

You don’t have to worry about looking flawless when you’re around them, and you can be your absolute most embarrassing and know that they’ll still love you.You may find yourself venting to your best friend, “I haven’t met anyone I like!

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I’ve moved to a different new city and we’re still good friends but I think a part of me feels/hopes that she could still decide at any time to get with me and I’d jump at that opportunity.… continue reading »

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