Error updating jscript intellisense jquery

02-Jul-2020 06:01

Eventually, I ended up grabbing the jquery-1.4.1file from Query.

I dropped this over the top of the existing one in my project, refreshed Intelli Sense again and ... As always, your mileage may vary 🙂 UPDATE: This is a known issue and is fixed for RTM.

Hi, I'm using a tool called Fancybox my project is in ASP.

It happens to you if you are a developer or debugger running VS 2008 and trying to use Java Script intellisence for your favorite JS library.

A useful technique to use for scenarios like the user control one.

Jeff has even more details in his FAQ post as well as his original j Query intellisense post.

Rick Strahl also has a really nice Introduction to j Query article that talks about using j Query with ASP. Karl Seguin has two nice j Query primer posts here and here that provide shorter overviews of some of the basics of how to use j Query.

After renaming the file I was greated with this lovely error: My understanding is that the code inside the methods doesn't really matter (Assuming it's not changing the object definitions of course).

I built my page originally in Dreamweaver, thinking that I could open it in Visual Web Developer and complete the database stuff from there.

The page which compiles and runs fine from my test server is giving me all kinds of errors when I try to run it from Visual Web Developer.

These annotated "-vsdoc.js" files can include XML comments that provide help documentation for Java Script methods, as well as additional code intellisense hints for dynamic Java Script signatures that cannot automatically be inferred. You can download both j Query and the j Query-vsdoc file from the official download page on the j site: Save the file next to your file in your project (and make sure its naming prefix matches the jquery file name): You can then reference the standard jquery file with an html comment at the top of a standalone file.

When you do this VS will now look for a file in the same directory as the script file you are referencing, and if found will use it for help and intellisense.

Just use the Microsoft CDN instead of the Google CDNHere’s an example of the intellisense showing up with the Microsoft CDN network: Microsoft CDN hosts both j Query and the Visual Studio Intellisense for j Query.

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