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23-Dec-2020 03:27

Gabby knew she loved being finger banged along with being tongued! Emma wondered when Gabby would use her fingers in her vagina! Sometimes Emma had one hand at her lips and bit her knuckles softly and sometimes her other hand took over! Emma had small orgasms along the way to what would be a huge burst of pleasure! Emma’s pleasure built up until she couldn’t maintain her silence! It was a fairly large two story house in the country. Emma’s right knee was up and her left leg was barely laying open on the left. Now Emma was nude with the exception of the see through mask. Larger than she had expected for a twenty year old girl. Emma parked in the driveway, turned off the engine, grabbed her leather bag full of her “costumes”, and walked to the front door. Gabby could just see a bit of Emma’s pubic mound through the harem pants! In a moment of submission, Emma removed her last veil, baring her tits for Gabby to feast on! Ignoring the mask, Gabby pushed her beautiful face into Emma’s pussy! Gabby took her time and cranked Emma’s wrists tighter and tighter up to the steel frame.

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Lastly, she wore high heels, thigh high stockings and garter belt and low cut transparent panties. A mid thigh length skirt and black blouse completed her outfit! I think were close enough that you can address by the diminutive! She was looking down at the carpet in a pose of submissiveness!

Emma was quite sweaty from her very recent sex with Gabby and all the pain she was in right now!

Gabby decided to leave the brank off Emma’s head for now!

Nerds everywhere are surely about to lose their minds, as Emma Watson just had a private sex tape video with her former “Harry Potter” co-star Matthew Lewis leaked to the Web.

As you can see in the sex tape video below, Emma Watson sucks, rides, and gets f*cked doggy style by a man who appears to be Matthew Lewis (the actor who played “Neville Longbottom” in the Harry Potter series). “Now put both your ankles in the bottom shackles, and then I’ll put both your wrists in the top two shackles! ”Gabby reached up and shackled Emma’s wrists into the cold steel.