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Thankfully, John discovered the truth that Alex was planning to kill her and rescued his love.Marlena was devastated when John died after being hit by a car, but it turned out Stefano had abducted him to brainwash him into being a super soldier.Her personality began changing drastically, and it was revealed that Stefano had given Marlena mind-altering drugs and she was now possessed by the devil! Thankfully, she and all her “victims” were found alive on a deserted island and it turned out she had been brainwashed by Andre Di Mera into committing the “murders.” Marlena reunited with John, but then learned she was pregnant with Roman’s child, having slept with him while stranded on the island.A fall down the stairs didn’t just cause a miscarriage, it gave Marlena amnesia, and she fell in love with specialist Alex North, who claimed to be her first husband, presumed dead in Vietnam.Although Marlena and Roman reunited, she couldn’t resist her feelings for John, and their affair resulted in the birth of a daughter, Belle.Upon learning the truth, Roman divorced Marlena and left town. A jealous Kristen Di Mera did everything she could to come between John and Marlena, but even bringing Roman back into the picture didn’t work and John and Marlena were finally married in 1999. (Photo Credit: Gary Null/NBCU Photo Bank) John was shocked when the serial killer nicknamed The Salem Stalker was revealed to be Marlena, and she was shot dead by police.After his rescue, Marlena helped him to remember his past and they discovered that the Brady/Di Mera feud was sparked because John is the child of Colleen Brady and Stefano’s father, Santo Di Mera.

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Over the years, Marlena Evans has been through so much on DAYS OF OUR LIVES that it seems like she's unstoppable.

She fell in love with Don Craig, but her jealous twin sister, Samantha, had Marlena institutionalized and impersonated her to try and steal her man.