Dating would you rather questions

05-Mar-2020 23:46

After all, how can you score a date with someone if you never let them know that you're interested? Our award-winning website offers reliable, easy-to-understand explanations about how the world works.

We could sit here all day and talk about dating, but instead, we're going to put you in the hot seat now with this dating quiz! From fun quizzes that bring joy to your day, to compelling photography and fascinating lists, How Stuff Works Play offers something for everyone. We send trivia questions and personality tests every week to your inbox.

The game starts with a question “would you rather”.

The dilemma can be between two bad options or two allegedly good options. Would you rather date someone who’s interested in a very active social life, with something going on every other night, or someone who’s more of a homebody, and prefers to stay in with you or hang out in smaller, quieter groups? Would you rather find true love or 10 million dollars? Would you rather date someone older or younger than you? Would you rather be hatefully remembered or forgotten? Would you rather vacation with your family or vacation by yourself? Would you rather be romantic with me in front of your close friends or prefer privacy?

Would you rather Be a tutor for underprivileged kids or volunteer at a homeless shelter or Would you rather Date me or be my friend?

Would you rather Go to an expensive restaurant or a cheaper relaxed atmosphere where the food is equally good?

But don't tell us if you're single or taken just yet, because we're about to guess your relationship status with this dating quiz.

If you've been having some trouble scoring a date with that special someone, we've got some advice for you.

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Would you rather sleep with your girlfriend or get paid 000 not to?Also, think about your own answers to the questions.