Dating women in fiji

26-May-2020 23:24

If he has had many European partners, someone else might have done the job for you. There will be little or no hand holding, no kissing and hugging in public.

Chita saw me off at the airport (a year after we started seeing each other mind you) and shook my hand saying 'Goodbye Miss Amanda Sutton! He now hugs me, and I usually kiss him, and he feigns indifference.

I did not mean to meet someone from an island, which cannot come to Australia. I spent September last year, crying and dribbling to Chita that I didn't think I could mentally cope with the waiting. Life as a couple in Fiji - is living separate lives - which I cannot do.

The effort to collect documentation, submitting the visa and then waiting - who knows how long - for him to get a prospective spouse visa. Life as a couple in Australia could be a voyage of discovery....

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Fijian men are unsophisticated, happy, friendly,with great abs but not much idea of love making.If you ring and a woman answers the phone - yes it could be his wife, but it could also be his sister,mother or family member who has heard it ringing. Because of the Fijian share and care mentality - they will ask you for monetary help. In Fijian culture certain family members can ask other family members for things, and they must be given. If you want to pay an electricity bill or a water bill, or buy groceries - you can but don't think that you have to keep doing it; other family members will pitch in.When Chita's mum's electricity was cut off, and there was no one to pay the reconnection - I did it so that we could have light.Only two chances in five years so I have paid a whole heap of money to an immigration agent who has waited patiently for me to do all the work... I love Chita - coming to Australia will be a huge challenge without the village, without his boys club, but with freedom to choose. lots of adventures, lots of good loving with no villager to listen, and lots of intimacy I hope.

Drinking is an issue I will bring up in my next blog....

My partner lives on the Coral Coast where there are a large number of resorts which employ Fijians for a pittance, lay them off whenever there is no work, give them no superannuation, sick leave, and usually work hours are unspecified ( ie slavery). To a Fijian, if there is food, a roof over your head, working with your mates, and family support - your life is good.