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After reaching the age of 25 a single woman becomes rather desperate to get married.

Many girls who hastily jumped into marriage at 18-20, get divorced within 1-5 years, and often left to bring up a child on their own.

The cultural and social standard for women in Russia and Ukraine is to find a man to marry, and then bear children and take care of her family. Even if a woman is educated and has a great career, she feels deficient not having a husband, as she is living in a society that looks down upon unmarried women over a certain age.

Women are taught that anything goes to get a husband, and many believe that they have to hide their intelligence, talents, and abilities, and try not to earn too much money, or they will not find a husband or won’t be able to keep one, because he will feel insecure if she is smarter or earns more money than him.

Father’s participation in kids’ upbringing is usually limited to paying alimonies and rare visits.

Sharing custody is a foreign idea for Russians and Ukrainians, and children usually live with their mothers.

The whole cultural notion in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus is: A woman’s happiness is in her family.

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An average life expectancy is only 62 years for Russian males, and 63 years for Ukrainian males.

Russian and Ukrainian women decide to join international dating sites only when they have run out of options at home.