Dating sites for scientists

24-Apr-2020 11:43

[1] , motto: “lets people experience real chemistry”, a subsidiary of (Alexa-rank: 310), launched in 2006 and developed, in large part, on the theories of American anthropologist Helen Fisher, which claims to match people according to compatibility and chemistry.

[2] In 2008, was the fourth largest online dating site, based on number of singles available; largely due to a successful ad campaign targeting e Harmony (#5 largest dating site) and their anti-gay Christian-only, who regect people who aren't happy all the time (adjacent video).

Database diving into online dating sites, researchers at UC Berkeley’s School of Information are providing statistical proof of, well, pretty much everything our grandmother told us.

“But I’m not sure we’ll ever find the algorithm that eliminates the need to actually get to know someone,” said one of the new field’s leading researchers, UC Berkeley’s Andrew Fiore, who met his girlfriend through a flesh-and-blood friend. In the past, Fiore said, researchers were confined to studying people’s preferences in the lab — an artificial environment.

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Or at least the people who tend to frequent online dating sites — mostly white, educated and relatively affluent.

That’s the title of a paper in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, published by a team from Harvard Business School, Boston University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.