Dating prehistoric paintings italy internet dating

19-Aug-2020 14:19

In order to date red paintings and engravings, indirect methods allow us to estimate the age of the deposits that form after the completion of the art works.

These techniques are thermoluminescence (TL) and the uranium/thorium series, applicable to calcite deposits in caves, the dating of calcium oxalate coating and amorphous silica patinas that form on rocks exposed to daylight and lastly, optically stimulated luminescence (OSL), a technique used to date the sediments related to parietal art.

The earlier the age, the higher the uncertainty, due to additional causes of error.

Moreover, the ages obtained by carbon-14 do not correspond to exact calendar years and thus require correction.

As long as it is based on dates with an accuracy of one to two thousand years and which fluctuate according to calibration curves and the technical progress of laboratories, our reasoning remains hypothetical.

Most of this paper will deal with carbon-14 as it is the only direct dating method applicable to parietal art (although it is limited to charcoal drawings).In sum, the classical method of charcoal preparation, called ABA (three steps consisting of an acid treatment, then basic, then acid again) has now been replaced by a variant known as ABOx-SC (an oxidation stage and step combustion are added to the acid and basic treatment).

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