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09-Feb-2020 12:03

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To unlock this additional clothing and accessories, the player must keep on increasing his rank in the game and the additional options keep on getting unlocked with each progress.

There are in total 14 game type which can be chosen and selected by the player while in the multiplayer mode.

There is also the option of creating a multiplayer character in GTA 4 Android.

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As this is a fictional city, this game is designed using a larger area than most games launched earlier.

GTA 4 Android Apk is unique in nature and different from other series in a way that it has a feature which is the browsable and fictional internet.

The players in this game have liberty and option of browsing a substantial fictional internet through the computers at safe houses or [email protected] Internet Cafes.

The maximum number of players in this game can be 16.

One of the unique features of Grand Theft Auto Series is the use of weapons in the game.Pump shotgun, Combat shotgun, Pistol, Combat Pistol, Grenade, Micro SMG, SMG, Assault Rifle, Carbine Rifle, Sniper, Combat Sniper, RPG.

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