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But no gospel account records the destruction of the temple.

In fact, no New Testament document mentions it at all, even though there are many occasions when a description of the temple’s destruction might have assisted in establishing a theological or historical point.

Luke Said Nothing About the Deaths of Paul and Peter The apostle Paul was martyred in the city of Rome in AD 64, and Peter was martyred shortly afterward in AD 65.

While Luke wrote extensively about Paul and Peter in the book of Acts and featured them prominently, he said nothing about their deaths.

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There are several known interpolations in in Paul's epistles, as well as some suspected interpolations and alterations, so the first consideration should be whether this verse, or the passage containing the verse, is a late interpolation. Brown explains, in , page 463, arguments against Pauline authorship of 1 Thessalonians 2 :13-16, but also those for his authorship.In fact, Paul was still alive (under house arrest in Rome) at the end of the book of Acts.Luke Said Nothing about the Death of James James was martyred in the city of Jerusalem in AD 62, but like the deaths of Paul and Peter, the execution of James is absent from the biblical account, even though Luke described the deaths of Stephen (Acts –60) and James the brother of John (Acts 12:1–2).You can’t be a true eyewitness if you weren’t even there to see what it is you said you saw!

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This simple criteria is part of a four part reliability template I describe in , and reflects the California jury instructions for jurors who are asked to assess the reliability of eyewitnesses on the stand.The New Testament Fails to Describe the Siege of Jerusalem Even before the temple was destroyed, the city of Jerusalem was under assault.