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02-Sep-2020 09:47

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Just keep in mind that for keywords with very high search volume, the competition is going to be much steeper, and your content will have to be that much more amazing to rank on the SERP.

Introducing a shock factor into your headline will almost always ensure high click-through rates.

There’s no sense in dedicating any time to creating content or running ads if your headlines aren’t compelling.

It’s like writing a wonderful book and giving it an awful cover.

“Numbers work well in headlines because humans like predictability and dislike uncertainty,” says Buffer’s Courtney Seiter.

Type in some potential keywords to get an idea of their volume, and target terms with medium to high search volume.Potential readers won’t click to read more if there’s nothing to pique their interest.(For example, if this post was titled “Headline Advice” you probably wouldn’t be reading it right now.) So what strategies work for creative, clickable headlines right now?The most important story on the front page above the fold may have a larger headline if the story is unusually important.

The New York Times's 21 July 1969 front page stated, for example, that "MEN WALK ON MOON", with the four words in gigantic size spread from the left to right edges of the page. Now, have a look, [pointing at dark clouds gathering in the sky over the ocean] what do you see? A number of newspapers use humour, puns, alliteration or other word play devices in their headlines.

Every headline you write should target a specific keyword with significant search volume – this not only ensures that your headline is optimized to drive targeted traffic through organic or paid search, but it proves that people are actively looking for information related to the topic.

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