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It was only after this that the secret to making blister steel was discovered.Iron was heated with charcoal in a cementation furnace for about a week, which allowed the metal to carbonize.In the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries Sheffield and the surrounding area of Hallamshire were in competition with cutlery-making in Thaxted (Essex), Ashbourne (Derbyshire) and Woodstock (Oxfordshire).The largest manufacturing centre, however, was in London where trade was controlled by the Worshipful Company of Cutlers.Don't miss the Cutlery and Scissor-making Fair in June, organised by the brotherhood of the Nogent cutlery basin, which features exhibitors from the local area and further afield, as well as forge demonstrations.Cutlery means ‘that which cuts’, and can be anything from pocket knives, to scissors, ice skates and scythes.The ordinances the manorial court drew up were later included in the rules of the Cutlers’ Company.

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Nowadays, the cutlery-makers of the Nogent basin keep this tradition alive by offering top-of-the-range knives for trade and private customers.ZWILLING brand dates back to 1731 when knife-maker Peter Henckels from Solingen registered the "Twin" symbol as his trademark with the Cutlers Guild of Solingen.