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"As he ate his sandwich she decided to get a shower and scrub off the scent of the day, pouring a saved bottle of lemon juice over her hair and washing it twice.If that didn't purge the day from her body she didn't know what would.She had her earbuds in which, he noticed, she often wore while she worked to keep herself company in the large empty morgue.

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There was a pause as Sherlock worked out what she meant, when the wheels finally clicked together he murmured an, "Ahh," of understanding and gave a small laugh too."So, dating then," she tried the words out on her tongue."I would like it if you would refrain from calling me your boyfriend, though," Sherlock noted."What would I call you, then? A/N: I know it's rather short, but it just had to end there.

" Molly shrugged off her lab coat and hung it on the nearby hook, ignoring the prescence of the crop, "You'll have to tell me about it,""I will," he nodded, "but not tonight,"She looked him over: hair mussed, two-day shirt, slight circles under the eyes - still shockingly gorgeous, but tired nonetheless. " she asked."Not too long," he lied, which she saw straight through."And eaten?

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