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13-Feb-2020 00:49

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The irony here being that physical dancing very much improves your odds. What depresses me a bit about human existence is knowing that I'll be subjected to anger for not wanting to contextualize myself in a way that facilitates sex.If I'm lucky, I might be subjected to being asked if I'm asexual.I'm arrogant enough that just because I'm not gonna fuck you doesn't mean I won't drop a little aloof game on you just for the joy of emotional sadism.I told him upfront I was straight, because there's really nothing that amps the feeling of emotional sadism up like watching a person bash their head against the wall against all reason.Society, it turns out, demands that you define yourself as a bunch of things. I also completely whiffed on the importance of carving out an identity, contextualizing myself.You're supposed to be a gender, a race, a religion, a political affialiation, etc. I mean, it literally never crossed my mind that I was supposed to be defining myself when I was growing up.It's your job, as a member of a society, to play the game. Again, you're job in contextualizing yourself is to facilitate trade. In other words, the underpinning logic is that the rejected woman simply failed to bring the right goods for trade.

Most people, though, are dreadfully boring, and I get far more entertainment out of watching them contort themselves trying to get my attention.

Don't get me wrong; I get why he thought it was worth a try.

I wasn't feeling it in a dark room full of barely clothed women who were writhing all night.

If you have any experience of American society, you know that the smart kids are not the place to be. Glue it on, and you'll feel like a fucking idiot because you don't need a third arm, so fuck that.

Being a smart kid carries with it a certain aspiration. Don't glue it on, and you'll still live with the weird realization that everyone glues on a fake third arm they don't need.The assumption baked into all human interactions is that everyone is involved in a game. You're supposed to be actively fostering an identity that allows others to trade with you in order to get what they want. I really only had a vague outline of the idea by my late 20s. Even when i arrived at a full realization, it was simply a piece of information. I just didn't see it as something that necessarily defined me.

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