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26-Apr-2020 15:52

To further create accountability for yourself, consider telling your friends or coworkers about your upcoming date(s) to encourage and inspire yourself to proactivity.

When it comes to setting up dates, why not be more forward and suggest meeting up that day or the next?

These are all excellent ideas to not only spend quality time and conversation with your date, but to consolidate your schedule and utilize your time effectively.

Ultimately, having a more active dating life comes down to prioritisation of your dates and messaging people online.

If you have time, give your potential date a quick call a few days before the date to build rapport and chemistry, and make sure this won’t be wasted time.

Make sure you know what you are looking for in a partner ahead of time.

Even if this is just 1 or 2 dates a month, you might need to switch up some of your commitments, but welcome this change of schedule with excitement instead of resistance or resentment.

After all, the reason you’re doing this is to bring more joy and fun into your life.

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So, setting up dates that are ‘time constrained’ will keep your dating life active but not overwhelming, and also encourage you and your date to make the most your time together.

If you’re honest with yourself, you may conclude that there are many more tasks taking precedence over your dating life.

Our day to day activities often do not reflect out true priorities.

Many people experience bursts of ‘dating inspiration’ where you experience a set of really positive dates; this is often self-perpetuating, as your positive energy makes for a more exciting dating experience, so make sure you ride the wave.

Too often people assume that to have a more active dating life it means saying yes to any dates that come their way.To have an active dating life, you need to make the conscious decision that you will invest time and make it a priority.