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12-Jun-2020 19:25

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This pickup had the Custom Shop sticker on the back.It has all the chicken pick’ in bite you would expect a Tele to have, plus some Texas growl when you crank it up.Regarding quailty, I have owned many of both these Japanese guitars and it is a fallacy that the than the Mexican made guitars and rival many of the USA models.The JV and SQ guitars, as well as some of the E series, had USA parts (mostly pickups, switches, and potentiometers) that were shipped over to Japan to help speed up production while the new USA plant was being set up in Corona, California.They made 52 Teles, some very nice Strats, some even with Lace Sensor pickups.The quality is better than Fender USA excluding the USA Custom Shop models.

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The JD feature I liked, was the bypassing of the tone control in position #5, but it seem kind of like a waste of a switching position.

So I put in a Fender “No-load” tone control so one can still have this “by-pass” feature, but now on both the neck and bridge pickups.

They took a 62 Tele bound body, plus the added touch of a vintage Stratocaster sound with a Strat Pickup in the neck position, along with the extra touch of the famous "out-of-phase" Strat sound by using some tricky custom wiring—thus you have a JD Tele! Fender’s Custom Shop started manufacturing the Jerry Donahue Custom Shop Tele (some going at a pricy ,200! Later the Fender’s CIJ factory came out with a Jerry Donahue Signature Model.

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Some of these varied, as did the rival US Custom Shop models.

On some guitars there is found an "EX" on the part numbers located on the neck socket of the body or the heal of the neck.