Consolidating emotions and logic Free sex internet chat hrvatska

15-Oct-2019 08:31

I use my intuition to reach new insights involving logic and my state, including the emotions I'm feeling and the ones that has led me to the state I am in.

In turn, I use my logic to cool off my emotions since i find that they can easily be flawing it otherwise.

It's also important to remember whether or not one's making the assumption that a person's only holding one defining emotion at a time or if it's always a mixture.

In decision making, I'd say emotions serve as an automated query from history as to what to do, and that response can be modified / overruled by a more straining logical procedure if need be.

My point of view is from ideas I've read about from the work of Kahneman & Tversky and Ariely.

Shutting out emotions isn't really the point here; rather, the emotions being felt are a result of logical conclusions conceived for the purpose of a goal.

Humans are able to decide what they want to do in any given situation, weighing the pros and cons faster than a computer and making countless decisions and calculations to decide how to act.

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But before this area of the brain developed, human beings were like every other type of animal: acting mostly on instinct instead of logic.

Neocortex – Thought (including planning, language, logic & will, awareness) Limbic System – Emotion (feelings, relationship/nurturing, images and dreams, play) Reptilian Brain – Instinct (survival, breathing/swallowing/heartbeat, startle response) That’s why it’s so important to re-learn coping abilities that will help you keep your emotional brain in its place.

But it could also just be that something bad has happened to you that you could not have logically predicted or prevented.

Coping is a skill that your brain learns in order to experience less anxiety and stress from the world around it, and when that skill is lacking for any reason, anxiety becomes more powerful and affects people even when there is no reason for that anxiety to occur.

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When that happens, no amount of thoughts can stop it.

I identify as an emotivist so I'm definitely on board with the idea that logic must serve emotions (or more accurately: pre-logical moral intuitions).

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