Consolidating democracy in ghana

02-Nov-2020 00:37

This article concludes with an overview of literature on deconsolidation, which challenges the notion that democratic consolidation is irreversible.

Just as many different types of authoritarian regimes and paths of transition exist, so do many roads to consolidation.

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Although Diamond 1999 rejects theories that privilege preconditions the success of consolidation, he also suggests that consolidation may take many different paths.What conditions motivate a transition to democracy?Can the dynamics of a transition influence its outcome?Paradoxically, however, long-lasting democracies do not seem to be immune from a degradation in the quality of their democracy.

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Inspired by the recent rise of populist parties and candidates in some of the world’s oldest democracies, scholars have turned to studying the reasons for democratic rollback and deconsolidation.

The book argues that in spite of the restrictive nature of top-down transitions, they offer a better opportunity for democratic consolidation because of the consensus between elites of the pro-democracy regime and their counterparts in the authoritarian regime, a condition that is normally absent under bottom-up transitions.