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Further Academic Affairs programs include a rally next spring voicing students' con- cerns about the university. "We have still vwy substantial need for addi Honal facilities*"' he said. 9, 1982 through the state Alcoholic Beverage Control board, Reed said. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT P^145 with John Petroctk H»€ANCaif Br — r— — — ] UARN VALUABLE JOB SKILLS • Writing .•Publicity • Editing • Layout • Graptilc Art 8i Design • Research • Program Development • Workshop Planning^ Internships Available at the Women's R^purce Center Applications Due Mon., Jan. 2DODD 825-3945 MWC h a service of the Division of Student Relations P. 163 with Ron Rogowski is being taught from 9-1 1 a.m. To inspect and review records pertaining to themselves in their capacity as students: 2 To- have withheld from disclosure, absent their poor consent for release, personally identifiable information from their student records with exceptions as noted in Section 10 70 of the Unversity's policies. UC budget Continued from Page G^ provide money to help finance his proposed 16 percent facul- ty pay hike and to lessen the effects of inflation.

Lurie said the program has so far been very successful. ^Discussing the schon4acultv staff , Young said **The physical plant is really beginning to show the effects" of the cuts, Young said, adding that thert km also been some deterioration in academic qualitv as a result of the reductic Mni Young defended the univetsity's new Long*Range Development Plan, which calls for extensive construction on^cmnpus. Servomation Corporation was contracted by ASUCLA in the fall to operate the pub and applied for the license Dec. on " - January 13, 20, 27, &t February 3 ^ ^ ft' CHANGES TO THE WINTER 1983 SCHEDULE OF CLASSES POLITICAL. ALL STUDENTS " DEAN OF STUDENTS NOTICE REGARDING STUDENT RECORDS Pursuant to the Federal Family Educational Rights and Pnvacy Act of 1974 and the University of California Policies Applying to the Disclosure of Information from Student Records.studenis at the UCLA campus have the right 1. More information \s avail- able from the Spring Sing Committee office, at 82^ — %i;^^&-, r^ — ^.

t Viter\ ieuinu rtvhn K|ues, resume Mi, sitiiviip pro- cedures, etc. "But I safely say that because Chancellor Young made a 5 percent reduction in staff last year in preparation for the cuts, we will probably be in good shape for this year. Below is a brief descrio- tlon of the course: ■* SEMIMAp IM AFRICAN STU DIES: CPISIS APg AS IM AFWi CAM IMTg DNATlb MAL PELATi M^ ^''^ ' ' Seminar on selected crisis areas in contemporary African in- ternational relations (notably South Africa, Nambia. 4he interests and policies of both African and non-African powers, and the possible policy options, strat^ies. »(k X, " — iifip ' ' Pfl OFCSSIONft L Hfll RCLnm NG The exact sfyted cur you wonr, the price you want fo pay. Sale, hpwev- er, is working with the Planning Office and said she hopes effects of the campus Long-Range Developn\ent Plan, up for approval oflthe University of California He- gents in February, will fon the university to find the center a new building. a Creative Director -Company Dirc H:tor/Choreographer Senic Designer ■ • — ; — ^-7- Lighting Designer .... *Except for Modern Library Editipns which are already priced as low as many paper- backs. 90025 (2 blocks west of the San Diego Freeway) - Ore N''^^ Wear Onivl 2nd Pair ^r::^^^^^ ^=^:^:2^i^- ^ (Includes Tint) ^1 1 0^^ Q3Ch Special Discount on Dental School Student Safety Glasses 479-2646 ^•^ir^r Tcr " ™ 479-2646 - S^e Us First For All Your Optical Needs : OFFICIAL NOTICES "r*' ■ TO: ALL STUDENTS ^~ rrr-rczr-riirimf^j J^'-'^' FROM: DEAN OF STUDENTS -.3^^^ — RE: ( OFFICIAL NOTICES "Official Notices" such as those printed below will appear in the UCLA Daily Bruin at various times during the academic year.

nuludin^ flu- kijids of Hryanizations that participate. ^-, "^ ^y -^ "All we have right now are rumors of how this will actually affect UCLA and the university system as a whole, since we don't have very much concrete data to work with," Roberson said. «^ r I .50 buys a large ^V ^^ j pepperoni pizza and ^^ ^ 1 2 ice-cold quarts of Pep SL • p- • ' ■ - I Fast, free delivery 1 1371 Westwood Blvd - * j824-500a' V I I BODY SHOP 1 767 Westwood Blvd. of Santa Monica Blvd Tran« Am Firebird S/E THIS YEAR FEATURING THE ALL NEW 2000 SUHBIRO CONVERTIBLE WITH MAXIMUM COMFORT AND MORE MILES TO THE GALLON Critiasm leveled at bbck ^P for etf :- 1 11 1 475-6791 879-1216 STAN CHAZEN PONTIAC 10860 SANTA MONICA Bj^VD. -^ -Money from fund- raisers must go right back into the program, and so cannot fund a new building. * ■ 4 * ^ i1 ■ 1 •• ~-F rdinator - Photo Cix'jrdinator . * s:' Director ' Tcxrhnical Dirc HTtor Musical Director . And what you save on hardbacks will cover thef cost of one or two paperbacks— which we have a lot of!

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Students must In line with financial industry practice, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board reports account obligations to the credit reporting agencies.

Educational fees, now 9, are paid along with the 8 registration fees and are used to fund academic services. It would be better if they were adjacent to the ^washrooms and other rooms." The^ building has housed the center tor^TT years7"*We^on T "have the money to build (a new center), and no way to raise that money," Sale said. Security building, laundry facilities, parking, near bus & shops.

i Xhe system is considering a proposal to add to education fees ^ surcharge of approxi- mately 0, effective spring quarter, UCLA budget planner Earl Roberson said. Qroasi 477- FEMALE to share 2 bedroom In WLA, 5/mo.

EVERY EFFORT HAS MADE TO PROVIDETHE BEST REPRODUCTION POSSIBLE L I B RAR Y PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE ^ \ y V . Lurie Ipnd Weinberger agreed mat little student Continued from Page II Go©Dgi dally bruin Vohmw CXM, Numbw 41 1«, 1»3 Copyright 883 by the ASUCt JH Communica- tions Board. The./^SUCLA Communicatione Board has a media grievance procedure for resolving grievances against any of its pubiicstione. Jhe complaints led to hearings in which the concerns of the petitioner and protester are considered before issuing any license. The objections that led to the denial of the first ' licensing attempt have been removed because Servomation is an off-campus company and not a student organization, Reed said, adding Servomation will also serve some types of food to comply with ^regulations concerning the sale of alcoholic-^ __^ ; Continued on Page 16 •^f.:^ f I. ....1^4 \ PROPOSAL WRITING .1 PROGRAMMING MONIES PROMOTIONAL IDEAS DEVELOPING BUDGETS AND MUCH MORE. JANUARY 12 (THIS WEDNESDAY) FEBRUARY 9 ■■«r-"-'-~"iit" JANUARY MARCH 2 NORTH CAMPUS STUDENT CENTER ROOM 80 - 2-4p.m/ ""."'■ ' S-t '-^ ' i H'* ' . ;»/s »* ■'i-i'V INFORMATION (i^ A GOOD TIME) GAU: d28-7041 7 - -£06-6984 ■^ J Young oh Continued from Page 3 . which lists all the offices which may maintain student records, together with their campus address, telephone number and unit head. and information concernino the Stu^ntl 5Sl4T8:;2h''M^? Writers who applied but weren't accepted last quarter will be considered; they may submit new tests if they wish.

PHOTOGRPHIC SERVICE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR PAGINATION. Weinberger contacts legislators and local politicians and voices student interest in statewide and national issues. In April 1981, ASUCLA applied to ABC for its own beer and wine liceq^se, which was denied after a protest appea H^ Edward Rada, a professor in the School. ABC altows protesters to file complaints within a specified period of time. "I don't believe it (alcohol) belongs on campus, on any campus, and Til fight it till the end." Reed said he was disappointed to hear a complaint had been filed but is optimistic that the license will eventually be granted ' to Servomation. To file complaints with the Department of Education regarding alleged violations of the rights accorded them by the Federal Act The University may publish, without the students prior consent items in the category of "public information." which are name, address telephone number, date and place of birth, major field of study, dates of attendance degrees and honors received, the most recent previous educational U)stitution attended, participation in officially recognized activities including but not limited to intercollegiate athletics, and the name, weight and height of participants on intercollegiate athletic teams Students who do not wish all or part of the items of "public information" disclosed, may, with respect to address and telephone number, so indicate on the student data card in the registration packet, and with respect to the other items of information t)y filling out a Decline to Release Public Information Form" available iri the Registrars Office. If a request is made to withhold from disclosure a students name and degrees and honors received the campus cannot make public any honors received by the student such as election to Phi Beta Kappa, and cannot include the students name and degree earned in the campus commencement program without the written consent of the student Similarly, if a request is made to withhold from disclosure a studer Ws name and dates of attendance, a student s status as a student cannot b^ verified for potential employers without written consent of the student Further, if a student *s last instruction to the campus was to withhold from disclosure the degree granted to that student and the date on which the degree was conferred, that information cannot be confirmed for a third party in connection with the appointment of that graduate to «-^ new position or in connection with an honor that individual received Student records which are the subject of the Federal Act and the Unviersity s policies may be maintained in a wide variety of offices Students are referred to the UCLA Directory, pages 1 through 28. New-writers* tests are avail- able at the Bruin office, Kerckhoff 112, and w Ul be accepted until Friday.

"A lot of the issues coming up in the Academic Senate are not only what programs are cut, but also what happens when they are cut,*' Lurie said. We need to provide an increase that is 16 percent across the board," Young said, explaining UCLA's pay lags that much behind salaries at some comparable schools. inrr^n^^ this year will result in significant losses of faeuii Ang the university hm b^n able to avoid thus £ar. Inquiries regarding the Unversity's equal opportunity policies in Employee-Related matters may \^ directed to Archie Klemganner (415) 642-3422 or the Campus Counsel, 2241 Murphy Hall, UCLA, or the Director of the Office of Civil Rights, Department of Health and Human -Servcies^ — _ , ^ , \ . During its tenure there, Ronald Reagan served as master of ceremonies six times.