Chrome not updating flash mac

29-Jan-2020 11:21

Doing this insures that Chrome web browser and its extensions are up to date with the latest version and with the latest features and security updates.

Another option upon relaunching the freshly reset Chrome is to clear Chrome history and browsing data, though as previously mentioned caches will have been deleted in the reset process.

You’ll also likely want to make any customizations you had to Chrome again.

For example if you had previously disabled Chrome automatic sign-in to Google services, disabled Chrome web notifications, muted various websites, disabled auto-play, set a custom download location, or any other customizations to the browser, you may want to make those changes again when the browser is finished resetting, as all of those settings will be lost.

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Experience hardware accelerated HD video with perfect playback using Flash Player.If Chrome is acting up and you want to troubleshoot the browser, or you just want to start fresh, you can easily reset Chrome settings to the original defaults.