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10-Dec-2019 11:32

Look at your child’s cell phone and search it for “Roo.” After deleting the app – see if there is a way to block that app from the phone.

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A robot that answers your sexual health questions accurately, doesn’t judge, and is freakin’ adorable?You start to break down their natural inhibitions.”Cline explained: One of the first exercises in comprehensive sex education—and you see this across the board in all the comprehensive sex education courses that you’ll find in any public school—is that you start to try to break the ice by asking the kids to tell you all the slang words that they know about sex or body parts.And they giggle, and they’re nervous, and you can tell that they’re inhibited, but they start to break down that barrier, those inhibitions.Yes please → PNau Qp Otf FOznz BFco— Planned Parenthood (@PPFA) January 24, 2019“Monica Cline, a former HIV and sex-ed educator for Planned Parenthood, told Breitbart News that, with its launching of Roo, Planned Parenthood “is harnessing the power of the digital world to purposely circumvent parents and steer children towards deceptive and harmful practices.”“They are delivering a service straight to their target market, hoping to make lifelong customers that will eventually spend a not insignificant amount of money with Planned Parenthood for everything from pregnancy and STD tests to abortions, sometimes multiple ones,” Cline asserted.

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In fact, Planned Parenthood says Roo – which was developed in partnership with Work & Co – is “designed for 13- to 17-year-olds,” but can be used by children of any age.“Texting and instant messaging are the most common reasons young people are on their phones, so a chatbot is an ideal tool when it comes to delivering fast, personalized information,” says the organization.

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