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Miles hooks up with Alex, who claims to be straight, yet Alex confesses his desires.Only the one-night stand drags onto discussions of sexuality, as Miles' best friends break up, opening up the question of where exactly does one's sexuality even stand. Frank Iero is looking for answers after the death of his best friend.because I also often said 158cm visiting dating sites etc. Shortie for a boy, kind of average for a girl, so I definitely don't think he would exaggerate his height.said on 18/Nov/05yea right he's neither 5'6 or 5'2 he's my freakin hieght he's 5'4 ok and if u dont believe me well DO IT!!!The only people willing to help are the Way brothers.On the other hand, the Way brothers are two paranormal experts looking for amusement.

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said on 26/Oct/16Saw Brian up-close at a Placebo concert a few years back, and he looked close to 5' 6".

and the BASS player is tall, Brian is the guitarist. Why were you in their dressing room when you obviously know nothing of the band. said on 18/Dec/07I was talking to him before a concert, in his dressing room and I would say tah he is a little bit shorter than me I'm 1.69 Mts he was in socks, so he is probably around 1.66 or 65, the guitar player is very very tall. He isnt the kind of guy who lies about trivial things like those.

said on 15/Feb/06..would be cool if he's really only 158cm... He also seems proud of his height because it gives him the whole girl/boy look that he loves.

well i'll tell yah he smokes like s*** and he drinks like he'd never taste water. or at ok too much info so any questions u know where to find me k....if ur curious if he has a gf or bf well......

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Placebo Black Market Music (Hut) *** £13.99 Embracing his group's success with alarming gusto after 1996's self-titled debut, Placebo leader Brian Molko became the archetypal pop star of his times.Building on a template established by Jim Maclaine - David Essex's bacchanalian train-wreck of a rock god in That'll Be the Day and Stardust - Molko epitomised knowing excess, and not solely because he swanned through more showbiz parties than Meg Mathews even knew about.