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The Cars reunited ten years after Orr's death and released their seventh studio album Move Like This in May 2011.Those are people who died, died Those are people who died, died Those are people WHO died, died They were all my friends They just died - Jim Carrol This page is a list of famous people from the 80s who have passed on.His final public appearance was on September 27, 2000, in a Big People concert in Anchorage, Alaska.He died at home in Atlanta on October 4, aged 53, Orr is survived by his son Ben.Holmes (of Ted Nugent), and Liberty De Vitto (of Billy Joel).In April 2000, Orr was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and hospitalized;.Ric Ocasek's icy-cool vocals got most of the attention, but this list of Top 10 Benjamin Orr Cars Songs shows just how important his warm, inviting voice was to the band.

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He sang lead vocals on several of their best known songs, including "Just What I Needed", "Let's Go" and "Drive".As a member of the Cars, Orr sang lead vocal on some of the band's best known songs, including their first top 40 hit "Just What I Needed", "Let's Go," and on "Drive", their highest charting single in the United States.Orr released his only solo album, The Lace, in 1986.The Grasshoppers dissolved in 1966, when two of the band members were drafted into the U. Army, after which Orzechowski joined the band Mixed Emotions and, later, the Colours.

Later, Orzechowski was drafted as well, although he received a deferment after approximately a year and a half in the Army.

He co-wrote the music and lyrics with his long time girlfriend, Diane Grey Page, who also sang backing vocals A second single, "Too Hot to Stop" was also released, but did not chart in the Billboard Hot 100 though it reached #25 in the rock charts.