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19-Sep-2020 20:14

Companies that make scant use of data science today due to a lack of expertise or resources would have the most to benefit, he said.Software, Iglovikov noted, doesn’t require vacations, visas, or a salary.Ice breakers were direct: What’s your favorite programming language?Which data analysis framework are you most expert in?But he could see automated AI being disruptive inside companies.“I can replace some of my time with a computer’s time,” he said.A few secreted themselves in quiet corners of the hotel.Most bent over laptops in two windowless ballrooms well supplied with coffee, energy-rich snacks, and Ethernet connections.

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The more than 200 attendees, drawn from the site’s top echelons, formed teams for an eight-and-a-half-hour data-crunching challenge.

In Auto ML, the high priests of the technology—some of the world’s most highly valued employees—direct the technology to disrupt their own work.

Ninety minutes into the contest, competitors had burrowed into the data, and favored working spots.

A document with a single date on will count as proof of residence for that month only, for example a monthly electricity bill, an official letter or a GP appointment card. We may consider other forms of evidence on a case-by-case basis.

Just before 9 am last Thursday, an unusual speed dating scene sprang up in San Francisco.

One team stood out because it openly intended to cheat: a trio of Google researchers testing artificial intelligence software called Auto ML, designed to do the work of a data scientist.