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18-Sep-2020 09:49

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Introduction Ajax (Asynchronous Java Script and XML) is a new web development technique used for interactive websites.

AJAX can help to develop web applications and retrieve small amounts of data from a web server. Step 6 : Go to Toolbox and drag Update Panel Animation Extender Control.

Hi, I'm having some trouble with my update panel animations after upgrading to rc1.

Here's the error message I'm receiving: Animation on Target Control ID="Update Panel1" uses property Ajax Control Toolkit. On Updating that does not exist or cannot be set Other toolkit controls appear to be working in the app, although the only other I use is the confirm button extender.

Hey Guys, Um facing a strange problem, I am having three update panels in my page with some triggers for each of them.

Now, there is one button which uses Pop Up Control extender to show a popup....

This is my update panel refreshed by the image button this should update label1 to 123 register3 234 ...

Having an issue using Java Script to update an Update Panel with Multiple Update Panels I am using Java Script via the '__do Post Back' command passing in the ' Client ID' of my Update Panel to do a partial page postback.

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I also have noticed that if i click anywhere outside on page and then click this butt...When I first run the project and it encounters an update panel animation, visual studio will ask me for the location of (I'm using the pre-compiled version of the toolkit).