American desi dating

22-Jan-2020 11:39

As a community we need to come together and have an open discussion.

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She will probably be pretty modern and progressive-minded. Probably can take care of herself, support herself, and doesn’t a man to take care of her.And when desi men blame their race, it makes your fellow desi brothers sound pretty pathetic, which most I’ve met are definitely not.You’re doing them and yourselves a disservice while insulting potential;dr: we have it tough too and many of us do want to date interesting people who happen to be desi EDIT: THANK YOU for the kind PMs. It's nice to know that this post resonated with people that lurk here and don't post much. I wish I had this kind of forum when I were younger and I'm grateful we do have it now. THANK YOU I can emphasize with you, but a lot of the posts are from younger men.However I could be wrong as you (OP) are in your thirties whereas I am in my early-mid twenties.

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Personally I feel many desi girls I know are kinda all the same they all seem bland plus so much drama in desi communties.

Furthermore, we women are the ones with the biological clocks.