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12-Oct-2020 15:31

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About 16,000 people took NXIVM courses, which cost thousands of dollars apiece, The New York Times previously reported.

Raniere, its leader, professed to be a philosopher who was determined to create a better world.

Nxivm used her fame to help make their classes more attractive to others.

In my opinion, even Kreuk’s Girls By Design, which was meant to mentor teens and preteens, using Nxivm teachings, and her fame as a lure, was not nefarious on her part.

She was trying to convince me to do a workshop, but I wasn’t interested… Nancy finally said to me, ‘Now that you’re no longer going to marriage counseling and are now separating from your husband, I think the workshop can help you in this transition.' And that’s what finally convinced me.”NXIVM was founded in the 1990s and was recognized as a self-help group.Undoubtedly, many will speak up to defend her on this forum and perhaps they are right.

So yes, I am worried, about you and your ex and his wife and this entire volatile situation.… continue reading »

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One can find many such instances over the internet.… continue reading »

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A student credit card is designed for the use of University students and high school graduates.… continue reading »

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