7 habits of highly effective dating

27-Nov-2020 20:45

Mastering game does have the potential to make your life more enjoyable, but not if it comes at the cost of your spiritual or physical health, and not if it’s only about sex, and not also about connecting with others in a meaningful way.

There you have it, the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Players.

It’s very easy to avoid negative emotions (it’s our natural response).

But, if you can will yourself to lean into that discomfort, your negative emotions will stop controlling you.

If you adopt these habits of thinking and acting, you will put yourself in the driver’s seat of your romantic life; you will be able to choose exactly what kind of women you want to have relationships with instead of settling for someone who is “good enough”.

Footnotes: *You might have noticed that the last three habits, are different from the 7 habits of highly effective people.

The notion of approaching women and taking social risks that could potentially lead to humiliation is something your brain is going to want to prevent you from doing.

Mastering one area of your life while neglecting another is like mastering shooting in basketball but being unable to pass the ball.

When it comes to game, some guys focus on getting laid and neglect every other area of their life. First, getting laid can be fun, but it probably won’t feel like you’re making meaningful connections with other people if it’s just about sex.

So, although you might logically want to learn game by taking massive action, emotionally, you’re going to experience a lot of resistance to this (unless you’re a sociopath).

It’s important to understand that this resistance is an illusion, that your emotions aren’t based on anything real, they’re just your brain’s attempt to get you to avoid risk-taking.But it’s quite the opposite, we regret when we don’t even try.

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