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29-Jun-2020 14:26

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Having said that, 95% of singles surveyed still want to be in a committed relationship, and 92% are looking to get married.75% of those using online dating are indeed looking for a true relationship, although more than half admitted that their online dating experience has been negative, especially for singles surveyed in Singapore, 69% for ladies and 61% for males.

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More than two thirds of Indonesian students (67%) use smartphones in class, and even more use them to do their homework (81%).Dr Ben Schmidt, Regional Director, Southeast Asia & Pacific of Cambridge International, said: 'As a global leader in education innovation, we feel it is important to really understand how students and teachers live and learn.This census gave insightful, first-hand data about how learning practices and technologies vary globally.However, more traditional tools like pen and paper are still regularly used by students in the classroom and at home, and whiteboards are still popular in Indonesian classrooms with 90% of teachers saying they use them.

Indonesian students are also nearly tied with the USA for the highest use of laptops to do their homework (84%, compared to 85% in the USA).

Interestingly, the top reason for this negative experience for male is “meeting many creeps who are not even real” (33%), while the top reason for female is, “chatting with many matches but nothing came out of it” (35%).