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11-Mar-2020 05:44

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) in the middle of the produce section, to shouting about bodily functions in restaurants, to being seemingly hellbent on breaking everything wherever you go, kids are like tiny versions of your sloppy drunk friend that you have to take care of.

You’re left somewhere between apologizing for her and trying to just get her through whatever the hell confusing thing she’s doing.

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But while an apologetic glance to strangers with their varying degrees of sympathy can usually be warranted (and appreciated), there are some things about being a mom that we should never, is going to imply or straight-up tell you you’re doing it wrong.

There’s literally not one part of your birth plan that can’t be disputed as misguided at best or downright damaging at worst, and if you leave yourself open to that kind of input, you’re undoubtedly going to hear it.

I don’t mean to blow anyone’s minds here, but when you, an adult human, go out in public, you are going to have to deal with — wait for it — other members of the public.

Shockingly, other members of the public include children.

It’s , aside from certain Greek goddesses, no one springs into the world as a fully-formed adult.

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